Flash Marketing

I once painted my chest for a marketing firm in New York.

Public Speaking:

I gave a workshop on the Elm language at Milwaukee Code Camp 2019

(Elm is a purely functional language for the front end)

Data Science

In New York I wrote code in Weigang Qiu's computational gene evolution group .

We were data scientists using mostly Perl to apply Beyes and Poisson probability to large flat files of the gene sequences (e.g. ATTAGGCCC...) to decide which chunks of DNA had evolved from each other.

I enjoyed repping Scooter Software at the <THAT> Conference in 2018 and 2019

I made some training videos for customer support at Scooter Software using Camtasia video/sound editing software.

I get up early to code for a couple hours before work.

Most of these Github commits were done outside of work.

Solving puzzles with the other CS50 teachers at a Washington, DC workshop

Playing vinyl, a long time ago.