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  • Little Furnace
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URL shortener

Bootstrap CSS

Apache, Ubuntu, PHP, MySQL

Instead of using PHP for the redirect, I configured Apache to store the redirect as a line in plain text and then read the redirect from that flat file

Code Snippets

Javascript things for the DOM and some Frameworkless CSS
Javascript animation to create a flipping card effect.
Built in 2018 for a course at Coursera
React.js to remove troublesome words from a list.
Haskell language coding helps you think 'functionally' during normal coding!
Elm language snippet. Elm is strongly typed. It creates compiled Javascript for zero errors in production.
FAQs and Camtasia edited videos to help customers with common problems when using the Beyond Compare visual diff app
Small Leet code PHP challenges

Javascript animation

Image Flipper

Adapted from an animation I saw at Codepen.io

In 2020 I impulsively applied to an opening at a design agency in Milwaukee.

I didn't have anything visual in my portfolio so I grabbed this code and put in images of my life.

It took several hours because, typical of Codepen, this was written in some exotic (to me) framework, so rather than cut and paste, I had to sort of deconstruct it and then build it in Vanilla JS.

E Commerce

Office Supply dot com company logo

I worked here for a year in 2021. Our team at Discount Office Items (www.officesupply.com) wrote a site that deployed to AWS, offered 80,000 items, and handled thousands of sales transactions per week, grossing millions of dollars of sales per month. The codebase had been forked from OpenStore opensource around 2012.

I made small modifications to the php + Symfony, wrote some unit tests. I never mastered the complexity of writing for such a large site. I was unprepared for the coding -- the day I started I didn't know any PHP and that's what the whole site was written in. But I learned a lot from their Agile sprints and retrospectives. I got good with the organizational tools: backlog tool, chat, working in teams, running retrospectives. Overcame the fear of jumping in to a giant codebase, doing research, asking for help and not being intimidated. Didn't accomplish much to the code but learned to work very independently for a day or two at a time and try lots of things.