Evan Genest

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  • Back end web developer: PHP, Symfony, Node.js, SQL
  • Front end web developer: Javascript, Bootstrap, Drupal



URL shortener

Serving the URL http://pikl.us from an Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux) Apache Server. Check it out.

Bootstrap CSS

L.A.M.P. backend

Apache is running the redirect, stored as a flat file

MySQL gives db persistance

PHP 7.4

SFTP Server at AWS

Node.js server

Written in Node 15

Asynchronous functions were written as chained promises

Eventually refactored as async/await functions

Deployed now as a Lambda function at AWS

Code not available to view.

Code Snippets

Javascript things for the DOM and some Frameworkless CSS
Javascript animation to create a flipping card effect.
Built in 2018 for a course at Coursera
React.js to remove troublesome words from a list.
Haskell language coding helps you think 'functionally' during normal coding!
Elm language snippet. Elm is strongly typed. It creates compiled Javascript for zero errors in production.
FAQs and Camtasia edited videos to help customers with common problems when using the Beyond Compare visual diff app
Small Leet code PHP challenges

Drupal 9 site


This is deployed from an Ubuntu server at Digital Ocean.

Three sites from one Drupal installation (Multi-site)

I did this as a demonstration of deploying and configuring the Apache setup for Drupal.

Please don't judge the styling and data structures yet.

E Commerce

Office Supply dot com company logo

Our team at Discount Office Items wrote a site that deployed to AWS, offered 80,000 items, and handled thousands of sales transactions per week.

The back end stories I coded for there were a 20/80 mix of Node.js and PHP.