Evan Genest

evan genest headshot
  • Back end web technologies: PHP, Symfony, Node.js, SQL
  • Front end web technologies: Javascript, Bootstrap

Web Site

Restaurant Site

Deployed on Ubuntu 20.4 at Digital Ocean

No backend: Menu items are fetched with Ajax

Positioning was done with floats

Code Snippets

Javascript things for the DOM and some Frameworkless CSS
Javascript animation to create a flipping card effect.
React.js to remove troublesome words from a list.
Haskell language coding helps you think 'functionally' during normal coding!
Elm language snippet. Elm is strongly typed. It creates compiled Javascript for zero errors in production.
FAQs and Camtasia edited videos to help customers with common problems when using the Beyond Compare visual diff app

Other Work

Office Supply dot com company logo

I was on the backend team at an ecommerce site. It performed thousands of sales transactions per week and consumed inventory data from dozens of warehouses. I wrote php and symfony code our administrator dashboard, configured the automated data feeds, and wrote an API in Node.js for the ftp/sftp file stream for our AWS server traffic using. I wrote tests in PHPUnit to mock orders with and without taxes, refunds, and other scenarios.