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  • Little Furnace
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  • made while self-teaching
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  • between
  • 2017
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URL shortener

Bootstrap CSS

Apache, Ubuntu, PHP, MySQL

Instead of using PHP for the redirect, I configured Apache to store the redirect as a line in plain text and then read the redirect from that flat file

Code Snippets

Javascript things for the DOM and some Frameworkless CSS
Javascript animation to create a flipping card effect.
Built in 2018 for a course at Coursera
React.js to remove troublesome words from a list.
Haskell language coding helps you think 'functionally' during normal coding!
Elm language snippet. Elm is strongly typed. It creates compiled Javascript for zero errors in production.
FAQs and Camtasia edited videos to help customers with common problems when using the Beyond Compare visual diff app
Documentation and learning journal for Matomo web analytics

Javascript animation

Image Flipper

Adapted in 2020 from Codepen.io

It was a bit of work because I had to rewrite the SCSS animations into Javascript, not knowing what SCSS is.

So I "saved time" by finding someone else's animation but it took hours and hours to make it look right.

E Commerce

Office Supply dot com company logo

Discount Office Items (www.officesupply.com) is an Ecommerce site where I was a back end developer.

I updated code and wrote unit tests in the PHP/Symfony ecommerce backend but I also wrote a Node.js webserver during my first summer there. Most of what I did was write configuration, documentation, and unit tests. Two days a week I paired with a senior developer to work on a 3 point storyfor a bug or a new feature.

Chores included configuring the Bazaarvoice feed API settings and similar feeds for our ecommerce store. The Agile sprints and ceremonies were great. We were an 8 person dev team and everyone was very by-the-book about agile. I got good with the organizational tools: Git reset and revert, Pivotal for the backlog tool, remote chat, working in teams, planning and leading sprint retrospectives.